Knowledge products garner 10 years of partners’ experience and learning

Pacific Women has connected more than 190 partners and over 180 initiatives across 14 countries, making it one of the largest global commitments to gender equality. As Pacific Women comes to a close in 2021, a series of knowledge products has been developed.

Development of the series of knowledge products has been led by Australia’s Pacific Women program, garnering lessons learned, experiences and gender transformative approaches from many of its 182 partners over the life of the program.

The series seeks to capture and share what has been learnt from Pacific Women partners over nearly 10 years, to guide future gender equality initiatives and to support the implementation of the new Pacific Women Lead program that has commenced in 2021. Australia continues to provide support to gender equality partners through Pacific Women Lead.

The series of knowledge products being released includes:

  • Pacific Women ‘Legacy video’ – This video shares the voice, nuanced insights, analysis, reflections and desires/hopes/directions/priorities for gender equality programs going forwardfrom partners across the Pacific who have worked with the Pacific Women program over its 10-year life span. As Pacific Women comes to a close in 2021, Australia continues to provide support to elevate/amplify/ Pacific leadership in gender equality programming through the new Pacific Women Lead program. View the 9-minute video online: Coming soon
  • ‘Pacific Practice Note Series’ – set of three Practice Notes capture and share nearly 10 years of evidence, lessons learned, gender transformative approaches and experiences from partners supported by Pacific Women (2012 to 2021). Read more
    • From Participation to Power: Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) in the Pacific – addresses the shortfall of many WEE initiatives to meaningfully address women’s empowerment and provides concrete recommendations and practical actions to strengthen empowerment outcomes of women’s economic empowerment programming.
    • Small Grants, Big Results – shares evidence from the Women’s Fund Fiji and several Pacific Women partners which demonstrates how small grants to women-led, local organisations can lead to significant results.
    • GETA) Gender Transformative Approaches – synthesises and shares eight key elements of gender equality programming approaches that have led to gender transformative change in Papua New Guinea, with the intention to influence policy, action and practice to include principles of gender transformation across gender and development programming.
      • GETA video slideshow (resource that supports the Practice Note) – 5-minute audio-visual overview of the eight key elements and programming approaches that have led to gender transformative change in Papua New Guinea, and how they can be applied across the Pacific region.
  • ‘Pacific Girl Highlights Booklet’Read more about this new publication and Pacific Girl, or download the booklet directly (MB): Coming soon.
  • ‘We don’t whisper anymore – ending violence against women in the North Pacific’ – a set of two, online publications: gender-based violence (GBV) photo book of Herstories and a ‘story of change’ booklet’ featuring the extraordinary women working to establish crisis centres and support services for survivors of gender based violence. Read more.
  • ‘Telephone Counselling for GBV Survivors’ – a Pacific Toolkit’ for training counsellors to further improve telephone counselling skills. Read more.
  • Mainstreaming Gender in Development: the Pacific Way’ – this 4-module, multi-media training package gathers learning from several decades of applying gender mainstreaming across development sectors in the Pacific, packaged into three modules: Gender Awareness, Gender Analysis, and Gender Mainstreaming. Applying the +40 practical learning activities and tools in the package will assist development practitioners to effectively apply gender mainstreaming throughout their work and programs.
  • Pacific Women in Papua New Guinea photo book – this photo-based chronology reflects 10 years of programming in Papua New Guinea and celebrates the achievements, successes, and lessons learned and applied by PNG partners in seeking lasting gender transformative outcomes.

Pacific Women has reached an estimated 1.45 million Pacific women, men and children since 2012, through partnerships with Pacific organisations and gender equality advocates. From 2021, the Australian Government continues its commitment to gender equality through the new Pacific Women Lead program. To capture the expanse of experience, lessons learned and groundbreaking gender transformative approaches under Pacific Women, a series of knowledge products have been developed. This knowledge will guide future gender equality initiatives including through Pacific Women Lead.