Pacific Women Bougainville Performance Report 2018–2019

This Pacific Women in Bougainville Performance Report 2018–2019 draws on reports from implementing partners to provide an aggregate report on the progress of Pacific Women activities towards the Bougainville Gender Investment Plan (2014–2019). The Bougainville Gender Investment Plan was agreed between the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the Government of Australia and the Government of Papua New Guinea in 2015 and prioritised the following objectives:

  1. Reducing family and sexual violence and assist survivors of violence.
  2. Strengthen women’s leadership.
  3. Improve women’s economic opportunities.

Pacific Women funded activities support all three Bougainville Gender Investment Plan objectives and align with the Autonomous Government of Bougainville’s Policy for Gender Equality, Women’s Employment, Peace and Security. Activities also support the Bougainville Department of Community Development’s Strategic Plan 2017–2019.

Highlights for the year include the evaluation findings that the work of women human rights defenders and male advocates supported by the Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation through the “From Gender Based Violence to Gender Justice and Healing project” has led to important positive changes in the communities and schools reached by the project. The project has been extended to June 2022 due to excellent performance. Between April and September 2018, 305 clients accessed 1,233 services, including safe housing, counselling, assistance to obtain an interim protection order, case management support, and referrals to other services providers such as the Family Support Centre for medical services, the police or welfare.

The Bougainville Women’s Federation’s Young Women’s Leadership Project supported young women to move into leadership roles and to form Young Women’s Associations. As a result of participating, 36 young women took up new formal leadership positions in 2018. This included roles in their churches and wards, as well as in the health, tourism and education sectors. Training in financial literacy and business skills has led to the establishment of a number of enterprises by young women to support their families and associations.

Download the full report here.

A separate report on Pacific Women in Papua New Guinea is also available here.