Pacific Women in Papua New Guinea Final Performance Report

The “Pacific Women in Papua New Guinea Final Performance Report” and “Promoting Gender Equality in Papua New Guinea – Highlights 2012-2022” feature the impacts and achievements across the four outcome areas: Women’s Leadership and Influence; Women’s Economic Empowerment; Violence Prevention and Response and Enhanced Knowledge and Understanding.

Building productive partnerships and collaboration has been the key to effective implementation of its program with governments, non-government organisations, the private sector, disabled people’s organisations, coalitions and others to improve the political, economic and social opportunities of women and to end violence against women and girls.

While the Pacific Women program completes its tenure in June 2022, the Australian Government’s commitment and support for gender equality in Papua New Guinea will continue through the new PNG Women Lead program. This follows the transition of the regional Pacific Women program in 2021 to the new, AUD170 million Pacific Women Lead program.