Pacific Women Legacy Video

This video reflects on the long-term, nearly 10-year journey of the partners supported by Pacific Women, who together paved the way for new initiatives and approaches to progress gender equality in the Pacific.

Interviewees share key achievements of their organisations, supported by Pacific Women, reflect on progress since 2012 and share their visions for the future. The speakers in the video are:

  • Virisila Buadromo, Co-chair of the Advisory Board and Co-Lead of the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights – Asia & Pacific
  • Christina “Kiki” Stinnett, President of the Chuuk Women’s Council in the Federated States of Micronesia
  • Michelle Reddy, Fund Manager of Women’s Fund Fiji
  • Sokotia Kulene, Director of the Gender Affairs Department – Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Gender Affairs, Government of Tuvalu
  • Mereani Rokotuibau, Executive Director of Balance of Power
  • Harry Hedrick and Claudia Robert, School Action Group participants of Equal Playing Field in Papua New Guinea
  • Larisha Temangutaua, Youth mentor with Young Women’s Christian Association Solomon Islands
  • ‘Ana Malia Falemaka, Youth mentor with the Talitha Project in Tonga
  • Savina Nongebatu, Disability inclusion and gender equality advocate from Solomon Islands
  • Jane Bastin-Sikimeti, Director – Pacific Gender, Office of the Pacific, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

This video is part of a broader initiative to capture the expanse of experience, lessons learned and groundbreaking gender transformative approaches under Pacific Women, a series of knowledge products have been developed. This knowledge will guide future gender equality initiatives through Pacific Women Lead.

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