Pacific Women Papua New Guinea Performance Report 2017-2018

Author/s: Pacific Women Support Unit

This Pacific Women Papua New Guinea Performance Report draws together activity level reports submitted by implementing partners to provide aggregate Pacific Women reporting. It draws on reports covering activities undertaken from 1 July to 31 December 2017 and activities planned for January to June 2018. Activity level reporting produced by partners has been supplemented by project evaluation reports, other updates provided by partners, and the mid-term review of the program.

Highlights for the year include the conclusion from the mid-term evaluation that the program is on track to achieve its objectives, and that the program uses evidence to inform policy and practice. Since July 2017, 944 women and girls have accessed support services, including counselling, case management, health or justice services and emergency repatriation and reintegration support in the case of extreme violence. This includes 66 women and girls who have been relocated due to extreme violence. Participants in the Family Teams Highlands and the CARE Coffee Industry Support Project evaluations said that by taking a family business approach to their farms, they had increased productivity and decision-making and workloads within families was more equitable. Research conducted in Papua New Guinea and published this year found that in order to achieve real change to women’s economic situation, we need to work with men and challenge the gender norms that increase work burdens and potentially place women at greater risk of harm.

  • Date Published: April 1, 2018