Palau Country Plan Summary

Author/s: DFAT

The Australian Government, through Pacific Women, has committed approximately $1.4 million over 10 years (2012–2022) on initiatives supporting women’s and girl’s empowerment in the Republic of Palau.

The second Palau Country Plan focuses on strengthening enabling environments and institutions for gender equality and social inclusion. This includes activities that support the Division of Gender in the Bureau of Aging, Disability and Gender in the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs to progress implementation of the Palau National Gender Mainstreaming Policy 2018.

In addition to Pacific Women, DFAT makes an important contribution to gender equality in Palau through mainstreaming gender outcomes in the aid program, as well as through political, diplomatic and corporate activities.

  • Date Published: April 1, 2020

Enabling Environment, Ending Violence against Women, Gender Disaggregated Data, Palau