Solomon Island Country Plan Summary

Author/s: DFAT

Through Pacific Women, Australia has committed $34.8 million over 10 years (2012–2022) to advance the status of women in Solomon Islands.

Country Plans are the mechanism through which Pacific Women outcomes and activities are planned and agreed between DFAT and counterpart governments, following extensive national consultations. They provide detail on what will be funded and how these funding decisions are made. The Solomon Islands Country Plan 2013–2017 identified a portfolio of activities in the areas of women’s economic empowerment and ending violence against women. In addition, it built on Australia’s partnership with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) through support for institutional strengthening and worked to support the design and monitoring of Australian-funded programs to better respond to the needs of women and girls.

An independent review of the Solomon Islands Country Plan in March 2017 found evidence of achievements in all outcome areas. Particularly noteworthy were achievements in reducing violence against women through work at the community, provincial and national levels and in mainstreaming gender equality across economic, justice, health and political sectors. The Second Country Plan is under development.

The Solomon Islands Country Plan also recognises the important contribution that the Australian High Commission in Honiara makes to gender equality through mainstreaming gender outcomes in the aid program as well as through political, diplomatic and corporate activities.

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  • Date Published: January 14, 2019

Economic Empowerment, Ending Violence against Women, Solomon Islands