Pacific Women Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework

The Support Unit holds the responsibility for the design, implementation and review of Pacific Women’s M&E system. Pacific Women’s M&E system operates at a number of different levels. This includes the program level; the country level and the activity level. Each separate level has its own cycle of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. These cycles together combine to form the Pacific Women M&E system.

The primary purpose of the Pacific Women MELF is to support the program, countries and implementing partners to carry out regular and systematic assessment of progress towards outcomes, inform program decision making and ensure learning leads to program improvement.

The program MELF is the overarching document that provides guidance to support the development of Pacific Women country plan MELFs. These country plan MELFs are then intended to provide guidance to Pacific Women implementing partners to develop their project M&E plans. This process is meant to be mutually reinforcing, with M&E plans expected to inform the refinement of country level MELFs, which in turn inform the refinement of the Program MELF. In some cases, additional support will be required to translate and adapt concepts and inquiry questions. It is the Support Unit’s role to ensure this technical advice is provided to both DFAT and implementing partners.

The program MELF is structured around two diagrams,

  1.  a Program Theory, which is a visual representation of the Pacific Women design, including the program’s principles and ways of working; and
  2. a Program Logic, which is more operational in nature, and sets out the short, intermediate and long term outcomes for each of Pacific Women’s intended outcomes.


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Pacific Women Toolkit for Monitoring & Evaluation Data Collection

Pacific Women places a strong emphasis on undertaking high quality monitoring and evaluation and sharing program information relevant to Pacific women’s empowerment with all stakeholders.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Framework (MEF) for Pacific Women (December 2015) outlines the monitoring and evaluation system that has been developed for the program. That system comprises a number of different but inter-connected elements. There is the Pacific Women program MEF, there are Country Plan MEFs, and Monitoring and Evaluation Plans developed by Implementing Partners. The M&E system also includes the Pacific Women Database that will be used to collect together data that has been gathered through the implementation of the various MEFs and data reported in project reports.

The Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluation supports Pacific Women Implementing Partners with their M&E Plans by providing a range of possible tools to collect data to support the Pacific Women MEF and Database as well as to inform project learning and improvement. The Toolkit provides a range of guidance, templates and resources that can be adapted to collect both routine monitoring data and periodic internal evaluation data that can be used to demonstrate project outcomes, or progress toward them. It is designed to act as a guide and a resource for monitoring and internal evaluation that can be used to support the development of a ‘performance story’ of Pacific Women.

A copy of the Toolkit can be accessed here (Word document format).