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Pacific Women can provide media with current information on gender equality in the Pacific region.


Pacific Women Support Unit

Phone: +679 3314098 (Fiji) or +675 3201377 (Papua New Guinea)


Pacific Women social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

Social Media Terms of Use

The Pacific Women program’s social media accounts have been established to provide a dynamic and interactive space to share and discuss issues related to Pacific Women’s four outcomes: Leadership and Decision Making; Economic Empowerment; Ending Violence against Women; and Enhancing Agency.

The program’s social media is managed and moderated by the Pacific Women Support Unit. Comments and questions relevant to the post/discussion are highly encouraged, however language should be courteous, respectful and without harassment or discrimination. Where comments are offensive, abusive, discriminatory, aggressive or breach confidentiality, the person will receive a warning. Offensive comments will be deleted and/or reported. After an initial warning, a person repeatedly posting offensive comments will be blocked.