Nominate an inspiring Pacific woman

The Pacific Community turns 70 this year. In preparation to the 13th triennial conference of Pacific women, SPC needs your help to identify 70 women, or groups of women, who have made a significant contribution to the social, economic, cultural and political development in the Pacific islands countries and territories.

The purpose is to celebrate the legacy of Pacific women in all their diversity who have worked and contributed to improve Pacific Island lives. Categories proposed are:

  1. Art and Culture
  2. Science
  3. Leadership
  4. Business
  5. Environment
  6. Sport
  7. Activism (for peace and human rights)
  8. Others

The women we are looking for can be:

  • pioneers or had made a significant contribution to one of the categories proposed
  • women who were the “first ones” in their field of expertise
  • women whose actions have led to changes to improve the life of Pacific women and men
  • women who have challenged norms for positive outcomes
  • women who are considered as role models

If you know a Pacific woman who fits these criteria, please send us her name with the following information:

  1. Country of origin and current residency
  2. Age (approx.)
  3. What make her/them “special”, what they have done to inspire you, or why you consider her/them as role model(s)
  4. A quote or a message from her/them – if possible
  5. A high-resolution photo of the woman/group of women

Please send your nomination at SPC to Mereoni Tavakaturaga-Robinson ( by 15 July 2017