Republic of Palau moves the status of women forward

Secretariat of the Pacific Community – Following the steps of the majority of Pacific Island countries and territories, the Republic of Palau is in the process of finalising its overarching national policy to advance equality between men and women.

“Through the annual Women of Palau Conference (Mechesil Belau), equality issues and their implications for society at large are receiving due attention and the country has made some significant progress over the years including with the Family Protection Act of 2012. Nevertheless, finalising the national policy is critical to bring together our efforts and make a bigger difference in the life of women and girls” explains Honorable Baklai Temengil, Palau’s Minister for Community and Cultural Affairs.

In addition, to build understanding of civil servants of the different needs of men and women and promote the inclusion of gender issues in their daily tasks, SPC facilitated a training workshop from July 14th to 16th. The workshop sought to initiate the participants to gender statistics, gender analysis and gender mainstreaming approach.

On June 18th, the launch of Beijing+20 Review of progress in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action in Pacific Islands countries and territories in Palau also offered an opportunity to discuss recent advances in women’s status in the Pacific region and formulate strategies to deal with remaining challenges.

This initiative is an activity under the Progressing Gender Equality in the Pacific (PGEP) programme funded by Australian Aid (DFAT) under the Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development Programme. The PGEP is managed and implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in collaboration with Pacific Island governments.