Three-Year Evaluation of Pacific Women

Members of the evaluation team with local NGO Voice for Change in Jiwaka Province, PNG: L-R: Mr Gideon Bare, Ms Anna Cowley (evaluation team member), Ms Lilly Be’Soer (Founder and Director of Voice for Change), Ms Kirsty Milward (evaluation Team Leader) and Ms Kuingui Be’Soer. Photo: Emily Miller, Pacific Women Support Unit.

The three-year evaluation of Pacific Women is underway. The purpose of the evaluation is not to review individual Pacific Women funded projects, but rather, draw lessons at a whole of program synthesis level. The evaluation will undertake an independent assessment of achievement toward Pacific Women’s three year objective, which includes an analysis of the extent to which capacity, resources and relationships have been established and action in key result areas is evident across the country and regional programs. The evaluation aims to take stock of achievements and challenges to date, and develop recommendations to inform the ongoing implementation of the program.

The evaluation is happening over a six month period, from October 2016 – March 2017. Field work has taken place in four of the 14 Pacific Women countries (Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati and Samoa). The evaluation is using a mixed methods approach, including undertaking a literature review, and carrying out key informant interviews with program partners and stakeholders, focus group discussions, an electronic survey to all Pacific Women partners, document review and four country case studies.

Findings from the evaluation will be available from early March 2017.