Request for tender: Reporting, investigating and prosecuting family and sexual violence

The Justice Services and Stability for Development Program (JSS4D) is a four-year program funded by the Government of Australia (GoA) in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) to support the Papua New Guinea law and justice sector’s goal of a ‘just, safe and secure society for all’.

The JSS4D outcome of addressing Family and Sexual Violence (FSV) is a key development priority for both GoPNG and GoA. JSS4D works with and/or provides complementary support to other Australian funded programs working in the law and justice sector including the Australian Federal Police (AFP) through the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership and the Attorney General’s Department (AGD).

GoA and JSS4D are seeking a Researcher or Research team to undertake an independent study of FSV related cases from the point of initial reporting through to the conclusion of cases that would include the number and type of cases reported, timeliness of reporting and processing and investigation and prosecution outcomes.  

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