Republic of the Marshall Islands

Through Pacific Women, the Australian Government will spend approximately $3.9 million over 10 years (2012–2022) on initiatives supporting women’s empowerment in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). More information on the partnership and nature of support is included in the Pacific Women RMI Country Plan Summary. Details on activities currently underway in-country with various partners is available via our interactive map. The list of program partners can be found here. RMI is also supported by Pacific Women’s regional program, details of which can be viewed on the interactive map under regional activities.

Stories of Change

Responding equitably in times of disaster

The Pacific may have the reputation for having a tropical climate, but RMI has a long history of low rain falls. During 2015–2016 the drought situation was so severe that the Governments of RMI and the United States of America declared it a disaster. Gender experts helped to ensure that the assessment and responses to the disaster took into account the needs and experiences of both men and women.


Sharing knowledge and experience to end violence against women

Study tours are an effective way for people from countries with similar contexts to expand their knowledge on development issues. Funded under the Australian aid program’s Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development initiative, the staff from Women United Together in Marshall Islands (WUTMI) travelled to Hawaii to share experiences and ideas with Hawaiian counterparts on approaches to ending violence against women.


Consultations to Meet the Needs of Women in RMI

Through Pacific Women funding, WUTMI was able to conduct community consultations with 222 people from six atolls, including through discussions with over 180 local women. Sixty percent of these women identified that they had experienced some form of gender-based violence.


MPs in RMI Take Action to End Violence Against Women

Members of the Nitijela (Parliament) of RMI put strong recommendations to the President on ending violence against women following the 2016 Human Rights Dialogue facilitated by SPC RRRT, supported by the European Union and Pacific Women.