Through Pacific Women, the Australian Government will spend approximately $9.3 million over 10 years (2012–2022) on initiatives supporting women’s empowerment in Samoa. More information on the partnership and nature of support is included in the Pacific Women Samoa Country Plan Summary. Details on activities currently underway in-country with various partners is available via our interactive map. The list of program partners can be found here. Samoa is also supported by Pacific Women’s regional program, details of which can be viewed on the interactive map under regional activities.

Stories of Change

The many ways programs can be inclusive of women and girls with disability

With global data showing that people with disabilities are at a greater risk of experiencing violence, it is important for initiatives aimed at ending violence against women to incorporate strategies to support women and girls with disabilities.


Drawing on evidence to design effective support for women’s leadership

The Women in Leadership in Samoa project is building on lessons learned in a previous project phase to progress women’s leadership in the Samoan context.


Small grants to achieve big results

Noticing a high number of children street vendors, the Pacific Women-funded Samoan Women Shaping Development program investigated. They discovered the underlying causes leading to children vending were poverty, unemployment of parents, and a lack of income to support large families and responded with a project that is helping six families to increase incomes and return children vendors to school.


Addressing drug and alcohol use as key contributors to violence against women

Recognizing that alcohol and drug use contributes to violence, Samoan Women Shaping Samoan Development (SWSDP) is funding a case management officer at the pilot Alcohol and Drugs Court. By partnering on this new court initiative with the Ministry of Justice, Courts and Administration, the Australian aid program’s Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development initiative is helping to reduce incidences of substance abuse and violence against women.