Household Allocation and Efficiency of Time in Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, the only study to provide estimates of men’s and women’s time-use dates from the late 1990s and relies on data collected in 1992-93. An analysis of tasks undertaken by men and women, including domestic work, is useful to obtain a more complete picture of the labor uses of men and women.

Towards this end The Household Allocation and Efficiency of Time in Papua New Guinea Report provides new insights on the gender division of labour in the agricultural sector in Papua New Guinea.

This report looks at how gender-differentiated domestic work burdens impact the ability of women to allocate their labour to the cultivation, harvesting and processing of coffee and cocoa.

The report identifies gender-disaggregated trends in time allocation and links these patterns to household welfare outcomes. The note also outlines recommendations to improve outcomes for women in Papua New Guinea within these two sectors.

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  • Publisher: World Bank