Do No Harm Research Report: Solomon Islands

Author/s: Richard Eves and Stephanie Lusby with Thomson Araia, Mary-Fay Maeni and Rose Martin

Women’s economic empowerment is increasingly seen as a critical component of economic development programming, both globally and in the Pacific. Violence against women is endemic in Solomon Islands and gender inequality is considered to be holding back development, and so primary research on the enablers and constraints to women’s economic empowerment is vital from a development programming perspective. Research in other countries has shown that economic empowerment sometimes comes with unanticipated costs to women. This report draws on primary qualitative research in Solomon Islands (Makira-Ulawa Province, Malaita Province and Honiara) that explores any connections between women’s economic empowerment initiatives and increased violence against women, as well as other problems that arise due to this change in their economic status.