Women MPs in Samoa and Kiribati

Author/s: Kerryn Baker, Roannie Ng Shiu & Jack Corbett

The percentage of women elected to parliament in the Pacific region is amongst the lowest in the world. Culture, both traditional and Christian, is one commonly cited inhibitor, but other socioeconomic factors, including the costs of elections, are also considered restrictive. This trend has generated significant interest, especially as in some instances female representation is declining, defying conventional wisdom and the growing number of women holding senior positions in other sectors (see Fraenkel 2006; Huffer 2006; Liki 2010).

Interventions that aim to address this dynamic include donor programs designed to train female candidates, and positive discrimination measures, including reserved seats, for women politicians.


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  • Publisher: State, Society & Governance in Melanesia (Australian National University)
  • Date Published: December 27, 2013
  • Language published in: English
  • Search keywords: Politics, Women in Parliament, Campaign Strategies

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