Evaluation of the RPNGC Family and Sexual Violence Units for PNG

Author/s: GHD Pty Ltd

Since 2008, specialist police Family and Sexual Violence Units have been set up in police stations across Papua New Guinea to provide a designated space where trained officers respond to family and sexual violence cases in an appropriate and sensitive manner. After more than 7 years of support from Australia to set up 17 FSVUs around PNG, the evaluation aimed to measure the effectiveness, sustainability and impact of the services the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary provides to survivors of family and sexual violence through these units. The evaluation provides recommendations to improve legal protection for survivors of family and sexual violence in PNG.

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  • Organisation commissioning the research: DFAT
  • Date Published: December 31, 2015
  • Language published in: English
  • Search keywords: VAW, Violence, Family Sexual Violence, Evaluation, FSV, Family, Courts, Policing

Ending Violence against Women, Evaluation and Learning