Model Farming Family: Philip and Oroshuma

Coffee is a major source of farming income in Papua New Guinea, particularly in the Highlands. CARE International PNG Coffee Industry Support Project supports coffee industry stakeholders to mainstream gender equity in their policies and practices. It increases women’s access to extension services and by using a family-based approach, families business approach to their farming are improved.

To achieve the project’s goal, CARE works closely with key coffee industry stakeholders, including exporters, the government, cooperatives and farmer groups. Model Farming Family coffee extension programs and community learning events are supporting families engaged in coffee farming improve their technical skills as well as communication, budgeting, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Philip and Oroshuma are a couple in Fumito village in the Unggai Bena District of Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. In this video, they reflect on how their lives have changed individually, and for their family, as a result of the training opportunities they have received through the Model Farming Family coffee extension programs.

Pacific Women in Papua New Guinea program supports the Coffee Industry Support Project.

More information the project can be found in the Pacific Women Papua New Guinea Performance Report 2018–2019:

  • Organisation commissioning the research: CARE International PNG