Pacific Women Papua New Guinea Country Plan Mid Term Review Report

Author/s: Ann Braun, Katherine Yuave

The independent Mid-Term Review of the Pacific Women second country plan for Papua New Guinea (2014-2019) was completed in August 2017. The purpose of the independent Review was to assess the progress of the program towards the intended outcomes set out in the Second Country Plan to promote learning and improvement, accountability, and whole-of-program quality assurance. The review does this by identifying significant contextual developments, assessing progress towards the objectives of the Country Plan, reviewing its focus, and suggesting ways to streamline program management and governance.

The review found that the program is on track for achieving program objectives and outcomes, with the strongest results in responses to violence against women and expanded services for survivors. In its management response, DFAT has welcomed the review as a constructive and well-informed contribution to strengthening the Pacific Women program. DFAT generally agrees with the proposed set of recommendations, with only one exception (to the nine).

The full Mid Term Review Report and Management Response can be accessed here.


  • Organisation commissioning the research: Pacific Women
  • Date Published: August 1, 2017
  • Search keywords: PNG, mid-term review, country plan, evaluation

Country plan review, Evaluation and Learning, Papua New Guinea