Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Alliance: Summary of Online Dialogues

Author/s: Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Alliance

The Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Alliance is a network of regional, international, and locally based organisations working with and for young women leaders across the Pacific region. The goal of the Alliance is to provide a network to share information, and best practices and resources; and provide a united voice to ensure that governments, donors, and other stakeholders are accountable to the needs of young Pacific women.

This booklet provides summaries of a series of Online Dialogues which were held between June and October, 2013. Nearly 100 young women from across the Pacific region contributed their thoughts and experiences via Facebook around the 5 themes of the PYWLA strategy on topics including participation, transformational leadership, sexual and reproductive health and rights, peer to peer learning, bodily security, and peace and security.

The purpose of the dialogues was to provide an opportunity for young women to express their opinions, and to meet and network with each other. The information gained will be used as a platform for wider discussion among development and government practitioners working in the Pacific. In order to understand best how to support young women to attain leadership positions, we need a better understanding of their concerns, the barriers and challenges they face, and the topics which are important to them.

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Leadership and Decision Making, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights