Public Perceptions of Women in Leadership – Research Project of the Fiji Women’s Forum

Author/s: Patrina Dumaru and Sarah Pene

This was the first study in Fiji to explore community views about women in politics and leadership more generally. The findings provide a snapshot of attitudes and perspectives prior to the September 2014 election.

Launched in Suva on 7 November 2014, the research provides important information about current attitudes, how these vary across the population in Fiji, and where change is happening. It contains valuable information to inform future action to support increased representation of women in politics and a baseline against which the success of such efforts can be assessed.

The study draws attention to the gender bias that lies at the heart of why women are under-represented in government and the necessity for definitive action to support women’s political participation in order to better reflect the public’s desire for more gender balanced political representation.

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