Solomon Islands: Clarine on the impact of the YWCA

Author/s: World YWCA

The World YWCA  asked some of its young women leaders from Asia and the Pacific to share their leadership journeys, as part of a new video series called She Speaks.

The Young Women’s Leadership Program has been supporting young women in multiple countries in Asia and the Pacific to help them lead positive change in their communities on issues that affect them the most, such as, women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, human rights and violence against women.

Clarine, a young woman from the Solomon Islands who left school at age 17, says her whole life changed when she participated in a YWCA “Rise Up” leadership program for young women.

“I didn’t even know that I had rights,” she said. “To be bold and transformative, you have to be included, respected, skilled, involved connected…you always have to be like ‘I can do it. They can do it and why not me?’” She says that the YWCA is a true safe space for young women “where young women can express themselves.” 

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  • Date Published: August 8, 2016

Leadership and Decision Making, Young Women