Stocktake of Gender Mainstreaming in the Cook Islands

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UN Women, is in the process of conducting assessments of national government’s capacity to conduct gender mainstreaming of programs and policies. The stocktake will be rolled out in all 22 SPC island member countries and territories over a three year period.

The purpose of gender mainstreaming is to promote good governance and sustainable development through the integration of gender analysis at all levels of government. This entails the consideration and inclusion of gender perspectives in all government policy-making, programming and budgeting to ensure that a clear picture exists of the differing needs, experiences and perspectives of women and men. It also involves properly and equally addressing those differences, and supporting women in particular in areas where they have traditionally been marginalised.

The stocktake methodology includes desk research, interviews, focus group discussions and strategic planning for further joint support by development agencies to PICTs. The process will involve a sample of government ministries, including those responsible for gender equality, as well as civil society groups and development agencies.

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  • Organisation commissioning the research: Pacific Women
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Gender Mainstreaming