Thematic Briefs

This series of Pacific Women Thematic Briefs provides information and analysis about key issues for women and girls in the Pacific Islands region. It has been developed by, and for, the Support Unit for Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development (Pacific Women), connecting more than 170 gender equality initiatives supported by the Australian Government and implemented by over 160 partners across 14 Pacific Island countries.

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Pacific Women is one of the largest global commitments to gender equality. It partners with governments, local and international non-government organisations (NGOs), private sector, disabled people’s organisations, coalitions and others to improve the political, economic and social opportunities of Pacific women and to end violence against women and girlsThe emphasis for Pacific Women is on partnerships and locally-driven development. Pacific Women supported initiatives respond to the commitments in the 2012 Pacific Leaders’ Gender Equality Declaration, while also supporting Australia’s Pacific Step-up and its Partnerships for Recovery approach of working together with Pacific partners to address COVID-19 impacts on women, girls and their communities.

Thematic Briefs:

1. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Ending violence against women in the Pacific
2. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Leadership and decision making for women and girls (EVAWG) in the Pacific
3. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Women’s economic empowerment (WEE) in the Pacific
4. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Inclusion of Pacific women with disabilities
5. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Myths about gender equality in the Pacific
6. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Women, peace and security (WPS) in the Pacific
7. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Women and climate change in the Pacific
8. Thematic Brief by Pacific Women: Ending discrimination on the basis of sexuality, gender identity and expression (SOGIESC)

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Other Pacific Women Thematic Briefs:

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