Women in Politics Campaign Handbook

Author/s: Leonie Morgan and Lesley Clark


This Handbook was initially prepared as a resource for the Candidate Capacity Strengthening Workshop organised by the Fiji Women’s Forum in June 2014.

The aim of the Workshop was to assist women candidates to campaign effectively for the September 2014 Fiji election. Following the election the Handbook was reviewed and case studies added based on the campaigning experience of the various women candidates. The Handbook includes comments from participants at a debriefing session following the 2014 elections and candidates interviewed by a Fiji Women’s Rights Movement researcher after the election. It also includes extracts from interviews with Members of Parliament undertaken by FemLINKPACIFIC following the election. The Handbook provides useful tools and includes practical advice, checklists and questionnaires covering all the key components for a successful election campaign.

It is hoped that women candidates in future Fiji elections and those in other Pacific elections will find this Handbook a useful resource to help them develop and implement their own winning campaign strategies and plans.


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  • Publisher: Fiji Women's Forum
  • Date Published: April 30, 2015
  • Language published in: English
  • Search keywords: Fiji's Women Forum, Elections, Candidates, Campaigning

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