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Guidance Note 1: Reporting on Disability Inclusion

April 30, 2024

Our guidance note Reporting on Disability Inclusion aims to Support PWL partners strengthen reporting on their efforts to achieve disability equity and rights by collecting and sharing 3 types of information:

  • Preconditions: The extent to which necessary accommodations, such as access to support services, assistive devices, and accessible venues, have been provided to enable the active participation of women and girls with disabilities in various initiatives. This also includes the extent to which our partners are working in partnership with Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) to inform the development and implementation of disability-inclusive initiatives.
  • Inclusion: The degree to which an activity has reached and involved people with disabilities, through the collection and disaggregation of quantitative data.
  • Participation: the extent to which people with disabilities have been meaningfully and actively involved in initiatives and benefitted from these.