Ana Malia Falemaka

‘Ana Malia is a young and passionate advocate from Tonga. At just 20 years old, she currently serves as a board member, mentor and youth ambassador of Talitha Project, Tonga, a NGO that focuses on empowering young women and girls. Ana Malia first became involved with the Talitha Project in 2018, while attending an empowerment camp. Since then, the belief that she can help change our community, society and world has motivated her to continue on this journey. She has worked across various Talitha projects, including the Pacific Girl programme. She is also an advisor in the “With and For Girls Fund Advisory Group”, facilitated by Purposeful, as well as a member of the “Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change”, a youth-led organisation comprised of students across the Pacific. ‘Ana Malia is also a student at the University of the South Pacific – Tonga, pursuing a Bachelor of Law. She is humbled and greatly appreciates the various platforms and opportunities that she has been fortunate to have in order to highlight the issues that girls in Tonga and across the Pacific face and to represent the voices of young Pasifika women and girls in lobbying for change. Her advice to girls in Tonga, as well as in the Pacific, is: If you believe very strongly in something, stand up and fight for it. We cannot always rely on our leaders to continue dictating and shaping the World which we will eventually lead. We are the future generation and so, as future leaders, our opinions must be included, heard and valued.