Guidance Note 2 cover

Guidance Note 2: Collecting and Using Disability Data to Enable and Monitor Inclusion

June 24, 2024

This guidance note aims to support Pacific Women Lead (PWL) partners to report and monitor inclusion, by collecting disability disaggregated data using the Washington Group Short Set. Each of PWL’s end of program outcomes intends to reach women and girls with disabilities. This requires mainstreaming of disability inclusion across the program outcome areas and monitoring and reporting on efforts. Reporting on Disability Inclusion, reporting and monitoring the journey towards disability equity and rights requires an understanding of:

  • Preconditions, or the supports that were put in place to enable
    participation by people with disabilities.
  • Inclusion, or the number of people with disabilities who have
    participated in activities; and
  • Participation, or the experience of equitable outcomes by people with

This guidance note will support partners in their efforts to monitor and report on disability inclusion.